BioMIBioMIO is born! The premium organic vermouth and sangria, made in Spain with organic ingredients to pamper and preserve the Mother Earth.

BioMIO combines the know-how of a team dedicated to the elaboration of these typical Spanish delicacies since 1928, with the careful selection of the best organic wines, ecological sugar cane and a Mediterranean touch.

BioMIO is the perfect choice at any time of the day or night.


Organic Red Sangría

Made with organic wine obtained from Tempranillo grapes harvested at their optimum ripening point, organic cane sugar as well as natural extracts of oranges and lemons from the Mediterranean, along with the sweet and delicate flavor of Ceylon cinnamon

BioMIO is made with the best selection of natural and organic ingredients .


Organic White Sangría

BioMIO White Sangría is made with the best selection of natural and organic ingredients.

It has a beautiful pale yellow color, with slight golden iridescences, vibrant aromas of pure nature, tones citrus with notes of lime and peppermint highlighted with slight tropical tones and a brush of cinnamon.

Soft and light in mouth with a long and very refreshing aftertaste.

Biomio is made with grapes harvested at their optimum point of maturation and natural extracts of oranges and lemons from the Mediterranean.


Organic Rosé Sangría

The BioMIO Rosé Sangría, has an attractive pale pink color, on the nose stand out sweet red fruits – strawberries and currants – fully assembled with citrus aromas of tangerine and lemon. In the mouth it has a good attack, it floods the mouth with red fruits and strawberry sweets, without losing the Mediterranean character of a sangria. The aftertaste is citrus and refreshing.

Discover two new variety of the BioMIO vermouth.





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